Empower your assignees with a digital support platform.

Through Settly’s digital solution we support your international employees who are here for short term assignments by giving them access to a welcoming community, local experts, and events via our platform and app in a personal way.

Our assignment product enables you to:
Save costs and valuable time
Retain top talent
Boost productivity & engagement
Save valuable time and resources

Focus on your core business

International talent can take up 3-5x more time from your HR team due to laborious repeatable tasks and employee queries. Through Settly’s digital platform we manage this workload whilst enhancing the employee experience so you can save costs and focus on the things that matter.

Retain top international talent

Offer a unique experience and benefit that completes your EVP

Defining the right total reward package can make a big difference in attracting and retaining the right talent for your company. Settly offers a unique support platform that allows you to stand out from the crowd making your international employees feel valued.

Boost productivity & engagement

Set assignees up for success by removing the hassle of temporarily living in a new country

A smooth transition and integration in a new country will boost your new hires productivity & engagement. Settly’s platform solution will give your new talent everything necessary to get the most out of their job and their new life.

Start supporting your assignees now