Supporting a new generation of neobrokers
With more than 700,000 clients, BUX is one of Europe's fastest-growing neobrokers and has been making it easy and affordable for Europeans to do more with their money since 2014. BUX's flagship platform, BUX Zero, is making investing accessible, intuitive, and affordable for both first-time and existing investors allowing them to invest in a large suite of shares or ETFs they care about.
Supporting Bux
As Bux grew, the number of people joining their team was growing vastly in a short time frame. Upon learning this, they asked us to partner with them to help onboard their talent, whilst maintaining the same soft landing experience they always strive for. Through our collaborative efforts, it was evident that the HR team’s workload was significantly minimized, as we stepped in to offer the vital care by getting to know their international talent and taking them through the relocation process, from the introduction calls, visa application and housing.
Users relocated
Overall NPS
The HR Experience
It is truly rewarding when we receive feedback from our clients, as they show appreciation and value our team's hard work. It is certainly a wonderful reminder to why we love doing what we do!
Margy Kitchiner
Office Manager
A lot of work has been taken out of our hands, and most importantly, it is done with the utmost precision! We only get positive feedback from our new colleagues about Settly, apart from that, the Settly team are lovely people to work with.
Our customers stories
With a goal of being the most beloved relocation company, we place a great deal of importance on ensuring we provide the right kind of support to our customers. Through our partnerships and collaborations, we have helped companies attract and retain their international talent and saved valuable time for the HR Teams so that they can focus on things that are high impact.
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