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Settly helps companies attract and retain international talent, save valuable time and boost employee engagement.

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Empower and support your HR team
Hiring talent from abroad comes with a lot of advantages, but also comes with complexity and takes up valuable time and resources. Settly enables your HR team to attract & retain top talent, focus on core business and increase engagement & productivity.
Save costs and valuable time
Attract top talent
Boost engagement
Easily scale up or down
Save valuable time

Focus on your core business

International talent can take up 3-5x more time from your HR team due to laborious repeatable tasks and employee queries. Through Settly’s digital platform we manage this workload whilst enhancing the employee experience so you can save costs and focus on the things that matter.

Attract & Retain top international talent

Stand out with a digital solution that fits with your new hires

Defining the right total reward package can make a big difference in attracting the right talent for your company. Settly offers a unique support platform that allows you to stand out from the crowd making your international employees feel valued.

Boost engagement & productivity

Unlock the potential of your international talent

Empower your international talent to excel in the workplace and feel like they belong by taking away the hassle of moving to and living in a new country.

Easily scale up or down

A flexible solution that fits your needs at any time

Planning your business well is part of its success. Whether you are scaling up or down, Settly’s digital platform allows you to easily support your company in any phase and with any number of internationals.

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Awesome service, makes relocating effortless


We really liked Settly’s virtual events about all the aspects of living in the Netherlands i.e taxes, language, habits etc

Chris & Eliza

On our own it would have been very difficult, but with the support that Settly gave us the experience was so smooth. We couldn’t have been happier with the service.

Tommaso & Lorenza

We can start supporting your people in a matter of days