Redefining the experience for international talent

We are Settly! We are a value and purpose-driven HR tech start-up on a mission to redefine the experience for the new generation of International talent. We believe everyone deserves to feel at home, no matter where you come from, what you earn or how long you’re staying.

Diversity & Inclusion is our DNA and the foundation of what we do and why. In our first year of operation (2019) we were named one of the top 200 inspiring diverse start-ups by Techleap and we are proud of our wide variety of different nationalities and backgrounds.

Meet the team
Marieke van Iperen
Co-Founder, CEO
Kimo Paula
Co-Founder, CMO
Diego Lombardi
Founding Developer
Mirjam van de Ven
Solutions Manager
Jean-Etienne Magne
Software Developer
Olena Kulias
Client Success Coordinator
Sabrina Fernandez
Client Success Specialist
Joann Nair
Digital Marketing Specialist
Ella Beard
Client Success Coordinator
Venkat Iyengar
Account Executive
Annemiek van Dijk
Client Success Specialist
Miranda Holtslag
Client Success Specialist
Marjolein Rodehuser
Client Success Specialist
Ariane Vasconcelos
Client Success Specialist
Erika Barbato
Senior CS Specialist (CS Lead) - Vendors & Content
Cecilia Groenwold
Client Success Specialist
Adam Sobczyk
Finance Business Partner
Amélie de Maintenant
Product Owner
Alvaro Torrens
Senior UX/UI designer
Akim Kiku
Client Success Specialist
Sophie McCleary
Sr. Client Success Specialist
Sandra Pop-Stefanija Sazdov
CS Specialist
Ruchi Gupta
CS Coordinator
Tareq Mahbub
Full Stack Developer
Thayna Almeida
CS Agile Coordinator
Cheyanne Bacchus
Sr Client Success Specialist
Lisa Hartman
Kaia Pondelak
Sr Client Success Specialist
Yuliia Kovalova
Client Success Coordinator
Margo Belyaeva
Product Owner
Chad Barry
Digital Marketing Manager
Petra van den Hooven
Finance Coordinator
Róbert Balluch
Finance Coordinator
Oguzhan Sahingoz
Client Success Coordinator
Sergio van Berkel
Junior Full Stack Developer
Anna Nonaka
Junior Product Designer
How we started with a mission
Settly was started out of the frustration that services supporting internationals were not aligned with the new generation.
When our founders sat down and decided to combine Marieke’s 15+ years of experience in HR at companies like Uber, Nike, Starbucks and PwC with Kimo’s 10 years of experience in destination services working for companies like TomTom, Adyen and, it was clear that the approach of supporting international talent was ready for change.
Experiencing first hand how the new generation of international talent emerged while the services around them did not change, it became our goal to create a new service aligned with the future international workforce. One that is digital, community and experience driven. Settly and its mission were born.
What we believe in
Experience is everything
We believe that a great client experience is key to a succesful service and are fully dedicated to this. We are therefore proud to say that we have a NPS score of 9.1.
Doing the right thing, especially if no one is watching.
We are value driven and believe that actions should be intrinsic and not based on whether the outside world is aware of them or not.
The power of community and giving back.
We believe that together we can achieve more, that everyone is unique and by sharing and giving back, life becomes more meaningful.

Want to join? Check our openings

We’re always looking for talent that can help us achieve our mission.