Support your departuring international talent with the digital off-boarding solution

Leaving a company or country can come with a lot of complexity. Supporting your departing talent the best way possible will increase their chances of a successful next step in their career and life and will make them a company ambassador.

Our off-board solution enables you to:
Save costs and valuable time

Give employees a positive off-boarding experience

Create ambassadors for life
Save valuable costs & time

Allow your HR to spend their valuable time where its needed

Off-boarding of international talent comes with a lot of complexity and can take away valuable time from your HR. Settly takes away the majority of the workload by supporting your people through its digital platform.

Giving employees a positive farewell experience

Saying goodbye the right way

Leaving a company or country can be challenging. Knowing that your employer cares and supports you throughout your departure will make things just that little bit easier and more pleasant. People tend to remember the last experience the best. You can make it a positive one.

Supporting your people with a succesful next step

Making a positive final impression is as important as your first impression

Your people are your company’s ambassadors. Helping them on their way will mean a lot and shows that you really care by going that extra mile.

Start supporting your departing talent now