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We’ve created this space to gather and share updates* regarding immigrations policies for all Ukrainians in Europe and Spain. Check below if you want to know the policies for other EU countries:

*Please know that this information can change quickly due to the nature of the conflict. We will update this regularly, but please always take into account the date is was last updated.
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Entry into Europe
Updated 4 March 2022
EU Directive 2001/55/EG

Text EU Directive: Proposal done in Brussel on 2 March 2022 for the implementation of a decision with effect of temporary protection of the Ukrainian in Europe.

Coverage EU Directive 2001/55/EG in Spain

The EU Directive reflects various categories of persons who will be covered by the Directive. For Spain, the following category of persons are protected by the EU Directive:

- Ukrainian nationals who were residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 ( the start date of the war)

- Foreigners or stateless persons who were legally residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 with a valid Ukrainian residence permit (either permanent or “other”, such as students) and who are unable to return either to Ukraine or their country of origin

- Ukrainian nationals, foreigners, or stateless persons with a valid Ukrainian residence permit who were in Spain as of 24 February 2022, regardless their immigration status in Spain (e.g. tourists, business travellers, employees, persons with an irregular immigration status) and who are unable to return to Ukraine or their country of origin because of the war

- Family members of the above groups who were residing in Ukraine or staying in Spain on or after 24 February 2022

Family members
Definition of family members

When implementing the EU Directive, each EU member state must determine the application in national law. Spain chooses to protect the following group of family members:

- Spouses and unmarried partners of Ukrainian nationals who were residing in Ukraine or staying in Spain before 24 February 2022

- Unmarried minor children or children of their spouse

- Other dependent family members who were living together as part of the family unit

Public transport after arrival in Spain

Within Spain, the public train operator RENFE offers free transportation to Ukrainian nationals who arrive in Spain, who wish to continue their journey to other parts in Spain, or go to France. Ukrainian nationals need to show their passport or identification document at the ticket office or at a service point to travel for free.

Existing immigration applications

If you are already in Spain with an approved application or partly pending (e.g. long term entry visa to be collected). Please contact the immigration office (oficina de extranjería) in the province of residency in Spain to determine the next procedure. Rules and procedures may vary per region.

New immigration applications

Travel to and entry into Spain are allowed for biometric passport holders. Biometric passport holders can stay for a maximum of 90 days.

New immigration applications

If Ukrainian nationals do not have a biometric passport or in case they do not possess any identification document, it is recommended to contact a Consular office in neighbouring countries (e.g. Poland, Romania, Hungary). Please show alternative identification documents, like a birth certificate, and a document demonstrating residency in Ukraine prior to 24 February 2022.

Temporary protection permit

To obtain a legal work and residence status, apply for a temporary protection permit at the designated Spanish police offices and official reception centres. Large reception centres opened in Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante and Malaga. Generally, appointments need to be scheduled. To verify details per region and schedule appointments, please call + 34 910 474444. Applicants will be required to provide biometric data and present their original passport and a passport-sized photo.

Children under the age of 18 do not need to be present at the moment of application, under the condition that the responsible adult files the application on behalf of the child. Identification documents (passport, birth certificate) and documents proving family relationships (birth certificates, marriage certificate) are needed at the time of application.

Work authorisation

A residence permit provides permission to work in Spain as an employee or as a self-employed person.

Outcome of temporary protection permit application

The outcome of the application can be found online on the website of the Ministry of Interior, or can be received by mail. At the time of application, the applicant can indicate the preferred way of communication of the outcome.

Application of actual residence permit card

The approval letter contains a NIE number. This is a “Foreigner’s Identification Number”. Once the temporary protection application has been approved and obtained, a physical Spanish foreigners ID card must be picked up from the Spanish Police. This is called TIE (Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero). An appointment is needed and must be scheduled online in advance.

Support of Ukrainian Consulate in Spain

If you have arrived in Spain without a valid passport, please contact the Ukrainian Consulate and /or Embassy in Spain to obtain a special identification document. The outcome will be a residence permit with the right to work. The initial duration of validity is 1 year and is extendable, according to the EU Directive.

Benefits (school, health care) in Spain

Upon arrival, an appointment must be scheduled for registration at the police station or at the reception centres. During the appointment to apply for the residence permit, an interview will be held with the Ukrainian nationals to assess further needs for support. If eligible, the applicant can apply for benefits, such as:

- Accommodation

- Food

- Economic aid

- Social and psychological assistance

- Language learning

- Job orientation and training

- Cultural information

- Medical care

- Access to educational system for minors younger than 18 years old

Health insurance

After the Spanish authorities issue the temporary protection permit, a copy must be submitted to the health centers when applying to be included in the health care system.

Opening a bank account
Opening bank account

Banco Santander offers to open a bank account called ‘Cuenta One’ under special conditions.

Homologation of foreign diplomas

To be able to work in regulated professions in Spain, homologation of foreign higher education degrees is needed. Homologation is the process to recognise the value of the foreign diplomas and link them with the Spanish education system to understand the Spanish equivalent diploma. An application form needs to be completed and documents must be collected. Generally, a copy of passport, translated diploma into Spanish from a sworn translator, and proof of knowledge of the Spanish language are needed. At least level B2 of Spanish language is required. Proof of Spanish language level can consist of a certificate or a diploma, depending on the background of each case. The application can be completed in-person or online. Upon approval of the application, employment in the regulated profession can proceed. Doctors, nurses, architects, engineers, lawyers, and teachers can be considered regulated professions in Spain.

Post-arrival support for Ukrainian nationals

The Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration publishes an overview per province with support centres throughout the country. Contact details are included to contact online or by phone. National phone number + 34 910 474444 Overview of support centres per province can be found here:

Psychological support
Psychological support

An initiative was discussed between the Consulate and the Official College for Psychologists in Spain to provide psychological support


A pilot launched for hosting families to provide temporary housing solutions in Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia and Málaga. Further information on this pilot can be found via the website. Or call 900 67 09 09. This number is daily available from 9 am to 10.30 pm

The platform Refugees Welcome existed prior to the start of the war. Sign up if you are a local wanting to offer temporary housing in your home, or if you are a refugee seeking temporary accommodation. This platform was not designed for Ukrainian nationals, but Ukrainian nationals can also participate.

Helpful websites to consult
Helpful websites to consult when you want to offer help

Websites for citizens, institutes and companies in Spain that want to help. This website also includes guidelines and recommendations to streamline and optimise the help that is being offered to Ukrainian nationals

Helpful websites to consult when you need help

For people covered by the EU Directive and after arrival in Spain. National phone number against human trafficking:

+34 900 10 50 90; e-mail: trata@policia.es, trata@guardiacivil.es

Helpful website to consult when you need help

For people fleeing the war in Ukraine. This website contains key information about your rights to cross the border into an EU country, travel, and be protected.